Is investment in gold a good idea quora?

For many investors, particularly those who are of the older generation, this fits perfectly. Gold does so without worrying about being a better investment. It fits into the portfolios of many investors due to its lack of correlation and consistent profits. However, the digital generation that is growing until the investment era is not in love with gold.

The most significant difference between cryptocurrency and gold as an investable asset is its volatility. However, this type of investment is also much riskier, since your investment can come to naught if the value goes against your contract. On the one hand, gold has proven value, various investment products such as ETFs, futures markets and funds. There was a time when gold was a medium of exchange in the form of minted gold coins, but that has changed.

To buy gold bars, you must pay a premium on the price of gold, which can range from 3 to 10 percent. These funds allow you to re-invest in gold without letting your hands physically hold the asset. If you leave out any investment, you should consider a threshold for your investments to keep up with the inflation rate in that investment period. In short, gold ETFs are factors that represent natural gold that can be in paper or in dematerialized form.

While Bitcoin, originally planned to be a currency, has become an investable asset and more digital gold. The advantages of investing in gold are having full control of your assets without interference from third parties, such as banks.

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